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Excel statistics for Microstock

Use Excel sheet for evidence your microstock earnings. Use our pre-prepared sheet for free and save hours of your time.

Sheet is prepared for other languages as well. You can edit currency for each microstock, and corrency conversion rate for each end of month to evidence incoming money in your currency as well.

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Download – Excel statistics for Microstocks


How to find monthly microstock incoming

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In page footer is Contributor section. Choose “Earnings” and behind captcha verification you can see monthly earnings.

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Next to your account name is amount of your incoming money. It’s dropdown. Click on commissions there and then scroll down to see table.


Choose seller menu, then Seller statistics and Table statistics tab. On right top side you can choose month to display statistics.


Click on “My account” and choose last icon “Statistics” in your Contributor Area. In statistic page choose Monthly tab.


Choose My files -> Statistics. In Dropdown choose “How many credits have I earned ?”


Go to your account -> stats tab. There choose “Monthly:” in Royalties drop down


There is not monthly statistic sumarization as far as I know. In yor accoutn you can see earned credits, but without any sumarization.


Choose “Earnings -> Earnings summary” in your contributor’s page. There you can choose specific month in dropdown list.