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22 ultimate tips and tricks for mobile night photograpy – part 2 – Tricks for night shooting 1-5

When we have all nescesarily requirement we can take a look what is important from settings and using phone for capture amazing night photos. Lets see all advices and tricks you should know.

22 ultimate tips and tricks for mobile night photograpy

Tricks for night shooting by phone

If at all possible use for shooting manual or semi-manual modes. Absolutely forgot to auto mode.

1. Set the lowest possible ISO

When smartphone is not shooting on lowest ISO, photos are getting noisy very quickly. For example on my phone is lowest ISO 50, in the night you can see a little noise from ISO 100 and ISO 200 has quite visible noise. If you are shooting on auto mode, phone tries to make photo the most lighter and it can sets ISO to 3200 which is noisy like TV without signal.


2. Setup white balance properly

In the night it depends what light sources are in your neighborhood, if it’s bulbs, fluorescent, candles etc. If you are shooting into RAW, you can fix white balance in postprocess without loosing image information. When you shooting into JPG, sets white balance properly or the way you want see colors on your photo. If you are changing color temperature from JPG format you always loosing image information and not always are huge color temperature changes possible relatively to expected result.

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3. Do not using LED lights, flashlights are better

Cell phones has usually has LED flash instead of xeon flash, which is not too much usable for night photography and has a small reach. Results will be unevenly burned subject in foreground and darkness around. Better is shooting with forced turned off flash light and if you need more light somewhere in scene you can use flashlights or other light source.


4. Use self-timer

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